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Welcome to, an online resource for tinkering with the venerable P2000T machines created by the Philips electronics company. If you are new on this website, a great place to start is with the overview page.

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The P2000T is capable of interfacing with cartridges in SLOT1 during the boot process. Upon purchase, the P2000T typically included the standard BASIC cartridge; however, alternative cartridge designs are also available. In this article, we delve into an exploration of diverse cartridge designs and provide instructions on constructing your own personalized P2000T cartridge.

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Cartridge Reader

Copying data from the SLOT1 cartridges ideally proceeds in a non-invasive manner, i.e. without breaking open the cartridge. This guide explains how this task can be accomplished using an Arduino Leonardo based cartridge reader hat.

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PICO SST39SF0x0 Programmer

Interfacing with the P2000T using a modern computer can be a difficult task. Although there exists the possibility to interface with the P2000T using a serial connection, another option is to use an EEPROM. EEPROM flashers can be relatively expensive and this project attempts to tackle this by building a dedicated EEPROM flasher for the SST39SF0x0 branch of chips based on a Raspberry Pi PICO.

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Below, you can find a curated list of repositories containing source code and material for hard- and software project for the P2000.

  • Cartridge Reader

    This repository contains hard- and software for building an Arduino Leonardo based device for extracting the data from a SLOT1 cartridge in a non-invasive manner. The project has been designed to use a minimum of abundant and cheap materials.

  • P2000T Cartridges

    This repository contains the source files for building the PCBs and the enclosures for a number of SLOT1 cartridges, including the Multicartridge and the ZIF-cartridge.

  • PICO SST39SF0x0 Programmer

    This repository contains hard- and software for building a chip programmer for the SST39SF010, SST39SF020 and SST39SF040 rom chips. Using an adapter plate, it supports both the DIP32 as well as the PLCC32 type of packaging for this chip.

  • P2000T Programs

    This repository hosts a number of homebrewn programs which can be executed using a SLOT1 cartridge.

  • P2000T Preservation Project

    The P2000T Preservation Project contains an abundant collection of articles, copies of magazines, tapes, details on hard- and software and much more for the P2000T. A note of caution: the majority of its contents is in Dutch.

Downloads & Builds

Below, a list of actively maintained software is shown. One can easily download the latest version and check upon the build status.

PICO SST39SF0x0 Flasher


P2000T-RS232 Cartridge