The Philips P2000T was equipped with a Zilog Z80A microprocessor running at a clock speed of 2.5 MHz, providing sufficient processing power for its time. It featured 16 KB of RAM. RAM expansion modules up to 64KB (for a total of 96 KB) existed at the time. The computer came with built-in graphics and 1-bit sound capabilities. Storage was primarily handled by a built-in cassette tape drive, although interface cards were developed to hook up a floppy disk drive as an alternative. Additionally, the Philips P2000T featured a full-size keyboard and various ports for connecting external peripherals, making it a versatile and adaptable computing platform.

icon-port Video ports

Explainer how to interface with the P2000T video ports.

icon-ram RAM expansion board

Expand the memory of your P2000T by an additional 64kb with this adapter board.