PICO SST39SF0x0 Programmer#

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This page is currently under development. Please see the Github repository for more information.

Interfacing with the P2000T using a modern computer can be a difficult task. Although there exists the possibility to interface with the P2000T using a serial connection, another option is to use an EEPROM. EEPROM flashers can be relatively expensive and this project attempts to tackle this by building a dedicated EEPROM flasher for the SST39SF0x0 branch of chips based on a Raspberry Pi PICO.

Flashing firmware to the programmer#

Flashing firmware to the PICO-SST39SF0x0 programmer is relatively easy.

  1. Download the latest version of the firmware via this link.

  2. Ensure the programmer is disconnected from your computer. Next, insert a thin wire or a paperclip into the BTSL hole and press down (see image below). While pressing down, connect the programmer to your PC. A Windows explorer window should open.

  3. Copy the file pico-sst39sf0x0-programmer-firmware.uf2 to the PICO via the Windows explorer window.

  4. The explorer window automatically closes. You have now successfully flashed your programmer.


Fig. 54 Insert a thin wire or a paperclip into the BTSL hole and press down to enable the flash procedure upon connection.#